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Energy Saving Tip One: Have Heating and Cooling Equipment Inspected and Cleaned

Our customers are seeking ways to reduce the cost of cooling and heating businesses and homes. With the cost of natural gas, oil or electricity increasing rapidly, we know our Mobile customers need air conditioners and furnaces that are in tiptop condition. We recommend having our technicians inspect a building’s furnace and air conditioner at least once a year.

During an inspection, we vacuum debris from components, lubricate mechanisms and change air filters. Our technicians also check a building’s ductwork to ensure there are no blockages that will prevent proper airflow.

Energy Saving Tip Two: Add Insulation to a Building’s Attic and Wall Spaces

To prevent loss of climate-controlled air, we suggest adding insulation to a building’s wall spaces and attic. New types of insulating materials are more effective, and the old insulation in a building may have degraded, leading to cold spots in a business or home. Our customers can install rolls of insulation on attic floors or crawl space ceilings. It is also possible to have an expert inject blown-in insulation into difficult to reach spaces such as between walls.

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Energy Saving Tip Three: Install New Insulated Doors and Triple-Pane Windows

If a business or home has old windows and doors, then there is a significant loss of climate-controlled air from these areas. High-quality insulated exterior doors can prevent cold drafts that enter around the edges. Older buildings were built with single-pane windows, but today, we recommend triple-pane windows instead to keep climate-controlled air inside and warm or cold air out. In addition to replacing basic doors, it is frequently a good idea to install a new garage door that has insulating properties.

Energy Saving Tip Four: Fill Crevices and Holes with Caulking Material

Every small hole or crevice on a building is a place where climate-controlled air escapes and cold or hot air enters. It is easy for our customers to fill holes and crevices with liquid caulking material or soft insulating strips. The best time to add caulking is in the spring by using a ladder to reach the holes and crevices that are at a higher location.

Caulking and adhesive strips do not last long but are inexpensive and simple to replace each year. There’s no excuse for a Mobile home not to be optimized!

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