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Being that after every winter, there comes a spring, it behooves Mobile homeowners to be prepared for a possible freeze up of their air conditioning units–whether it’s a central or a window unit.

Regularly scheduled maintenance routines done during the spring can do much to avoid inopportune problems, so let’s look at the top five reasons that your a/c unit may be freezing up–and some ways to avoid this from happening.

Person fanning themselves1- The A/C Needs A Proper Air Flow

Keeping sufficient air flowing through your unit is vitally important to avoid an a/c unit from freezing up its coil system. One thing to look for is that the air filter is clear and unobstructed from possible objects being put in front of it that would hinder a proper flow of air.

2- Dirty Air Filters

Not changing your air filters frequently enough, at least once or twice a month, is the foremost culprit in probable causes of a coil system freeze up.

3- Low Refrigerant

If you’ve had a recent maintenance routine done on your a/c, and it’s still not cooling enough, then this is a possible sign that you’re low on coolants due to a leak. While you can opt to top off the coolant to get the a/c running once again, chances are that the quick fix is only that–a quick fix.

4- Improper Fan Action

An improperly running or mounted fan often prevents air from moving through your a/c system, so be sure to have the fan checked.

5- Faulty Thermostats And Drainage Problems

Faulty thermostats and drainage problems are often causes of a coil freeze up. Normally, in the cooling process, a unit condenses water vapor and turns it into liquid. However, if the coil system becomes frozen, the outside drain hole becomes blocked. Yes, the a/c may still run, but your electric bill will go up also.

Sometimes, using a hair dryer to unfreeze a window unit’s coils may work. At other times, checking the drain pipe from being blocked by leaves or twigs may do the trick.

However, be aware that a Mobile unit running with frozen coils may lead to more serious and costly damage to other parts of the unit, such as the compressor.

No matter your issue, our expert technicians can help you out with quality air conditioner repairs or replacement depending on your needs.

Let a licensed HVAC contractor, such as Hembree Heating & Air Conditioning, in Mobile, AL, pinpoint the problem for you. Call (251) 259-4664 now for more information before the warm weather arrives.

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