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Heat Pump Services

Heat Pump Services in Mobile, AL

Looking for an Alternate Way to Heat Your Baldwin County Home? Call Us!

With the rising cost of energy, homeowners are looking for more efficient and eco-friendly methods to heat their homes. An excellent option for homeowners is a heat pump. Hembree Heating & Air Conditioning specializes in the maintenance and installation of heat pumps in Mobile.

How Does a Heat Pump Work?

Much like an air conditioning unit, a heat pump works by moving air from one location to another. Unlike traditional heating systems which heat the air with fuel, a heat pump uses either the outdoor temperature or below the surface ground temperature to enact change in the indoor air in your home. In fact, more and more homeowners are now enjoying the benefits and advantages of a heat pump.

Heat Pump Repair and Diagnosis

If you have a heat pump that is froze up or your heat pump is freezing up in summer, our team can quickly diagnose your problem and repair the any issues you may have. When the heat pump condenser is frozen or the pump is blowing cold on heat mode, we can give you advice on troubleshooting the unit or come perform quick repairs if needed.

Our HVAC heat pump specialists are on-call and ready to help out. Contact us online or give us a call at (251) 259-4664

Some of the most obvious advantages are as follows:

  • More efficient- Without burning fuels to heat the air, a heat pump is more efficient and will cost less to operate. Heat pumps can also be run on alternative energy sources such as solar power.
  • Less expensive repairs- Since a heat pump has fewer parts and does rely on combustion to create heat, the cost to repair or replace parts is less expensive. There are fewer components in a heat pump and, therefore, fewer things to break.
  • Eco-friendly- For homeowners who are concerned about the environment, a heat pump is an ideal route. They are better for the environment as they are more sustainable and can use alternative energy sources.


HVAC heat pumps are also very quiet and will often last longer than a traditional heating system.

Why Hire a Professional for Your Mobile Heat Pump Services?

If you are considering installing a heat pump in your home, call the experts at Hembree Heating & Air Conditioning. Our professional team will come to your house and assess whether or not a heat pump would work for your home. By inspecting your home and giving you all the most up-to-date information, we can help you make an informed decision about installing a heat pump.

Call Today & Find Out If a Heat Pump is Right for You

Our Mobile heating repair experts at Hembree Heating & Air Conditioning can help you decide whether or not a heat pump is ideal for your family. Start saving money on heating costs today with a heat pump!

Contact us today at (251) 259-4664 for more information and a quote for heat pump installation in Mobile.


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    I am so very pleased with every aspect of our new Heat and Cool system from start to finish. Everyone involved was extremely professional, knowledgeable and courteous. They were clean, fast and friendly. The unit is awesome. I highly recommend everyone to use Don Hembree for their heating and cooling needs. You'll be glad you did.
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    I am a single mom. I had 2 other companies out. They wanted over $1000 to repair my AC. I called and had Hembree come out. The tech gave me a price to repair. It was $400 less than the other companies. I okayed him to repair. The system is working perfectly. Thank you for not taking advantage of my situation.
    - Sara
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    I have been without heat. Hembree came out and repaired my unit. The repair man was smart. I even got a discount which helped with my fixed income. I am nice and warm.
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