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Meet Comfy

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is Comfy?
    Comfy is the polar bear mascot for Hembree Heating & Air Conditioning. He loves keeping people cool, cozy, and, well, comfy!
  • Does Comfy Have a Job?
    Comfy is paid for existing, so no, he does not have a job. He will show up to events, though! Do you need a date for that wedding?
  • Where Does Comfy Live?
    Comfy moved down South from the Arctic! He is still adjusting.
  • What Does Comfy Do for Fun?
    Comfy has never turned down an adventure! He loves to travel and meet new people. In cooler weather, he is curled up on the couch and watching National Geographic.
  • Is Comfy Single?
    Comfy appreciates the interest, but he is married to the task of representing our team! You’ll find The One for you, though. Comfy believes in that.
  • Can I Talk to Comfy?
    Give our office a call at 251-259-4664 and you might just hear Comfy!