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Geothermal Heating

Geothermal Heating in Mobile, AL

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Geothermal heating is growing in popularity with many homeowners. While the initial installation can be complicated, the operational costs are inexpensive, and the systems are extremely efficient. A geothermal heating system can save a homeowner a lot of money in the course of a year while also being environmentally friendly.

How Does Geothermal Heating Work?

Below the surface level of soil in the ground, the temperature is warm. No matter what season it is, at a certain depth, the temperature is always around 50 degrees Fahrenheit. While traditional heaters use gas or electricity to heat the air, a geothermal system uses a looping system in the ground filled with liquid to grab the below surface heat and transfer it to your home.

The loops can be installed horizontally in the ground, which is ideal for landowners with lots of property, or they can be installed vertically, which is better for people with less land to work with. Additionally, geothermal heating can use heat from below a body of water such as a lake or large pond. With so many options, geothermal heating is a great system for any home.

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Benefits of Geothermal Heating

Homeowners can enjoy many benefits of geothermal heating. While the cost to install it can be high, the operational costs are very low, and many homeowners experience savings each month with their heating costs. The systems are also extremely efficient and can produce much more heat than a typical heater or furnace. Since geothermal systems do not rely on burning fuel to produce heat, they are better for the environment and will help lower your carbon footprint.

Many homeowners also comment on the surprising lack of noise that comes from a geothermal heating system. Compared to traditional heaters, a geothermal system is remarkably quiet, and the sound is often compared to the gentle hum of a refrigerator.

Things to Consider Before Installation

When considering installing a geothermal heating system, there are a couple of things a homeowner needs to consider. The first thing to consider is whether or not you have enough space, whether you are thinking of horizontal loops or vertical loops, the amount of space should be the first thing you talk about with your Mobile heating professional. Many states also offer tax incentives for homeowners who install these systems since they are so environmentally friendly.

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