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Spring can be very enjoyable, but for allergy sufferers, it can be a nightmare. In the United States, there are 50 million allergy sufferers. One of the best weapons that you have against spring allergens is your home HVAC system.

Simple HVAC maintenance can dramatically reduce the quantity of allergens that you’re forced to deal with, but you need to make sure the maintenance is performed by professionals. There are several important aspects of HVAC maintenance that the average Mobile, AL homeowner is likely to miss.

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What Is The Problem?

During spring, the problem is allergens. Anyone who suffers from seasonal allergies could talk for days about annoying allergens. The problem is that many homeowners choose to do nothing about it. As spring approaches, allergens use the warm air to hitch a ride through any opening in your home.

They can get in through windows, doors and cracks. Once inside your home, allergens tend to settle on the first surface they land on.

Some top allergens are cockroach droppings, mold, dust mites and pet dander. If these airborne particles are floating around in your home, and you suffer from seasonal allergies, you’ll find it much harder to breathe.

Allergens are also known to cause runny noses, itchy throats, red eyes, sneezing and coughing. If spring causes you to experience any of these annoying problems, then it’s time to do something about it.

Introducing HVAC Maintenance

Since your home’s heating and cooling system is the best weapon you have against allergens, proper maintenance is very important.

It’s especially important to make sure your HVAC unit is running smoothly during spring. By having your HVAC unit serviced, you can get rid of allergens that are already inside of your home, and you can also prevent additional allergens from getting in.

There are many tips for proper HVAC maintenance, but some are more important than others. We’re going to tell you about the important tips.

Remove Debris

A very important aspect of HVAC maintenance is the removal of debris. The typical HVAC system has two major components. There is an indoor unit, and there is an outdoor unit. The outdoor portion of the system can get covered with a variety of debris.

Many homeowners experience a loss in efficiency and never think to check their outdoor unit, which gets covered by sticks, leaves and flowers. The outdoor portion of your HVAC system pulls air from the space surrounding it, and once the air has been treated and conditioned, it’s circulated throughout your home. If leaves cover even a portion of the unit, the system won’t be able to work as well.

Like the outdoor unit, the indoor portion of the system can also get covered by debris. However, the indoor portion is almost always covered by dust, but we’ve also found dirt particles. The indoor part of your HVAC system will suck up dirt that settles on it and circulate the particles throughout your home.

It will also suck up allergens and send them into every room of your home. We can make sure both parts of your system are clean, which will significantly reduce the quantity of allergens that make it into your Mobile, AL home. Clearing debris will also help to improve the efficiency of your whole system.

Inspection for Mold

Another common aspect of HVAC maintenance consists of checking for mold. It’s important to realize the fact that mold loves moist environments.

When we inspect your system for mold, we check the air handler, evaporator coils, drain, drip pan and air ducts. Mold can find its way into all of these components.

If they’re not removed, mold spores can cause severe sickness, and in some cases, they can even cause death. Mold spores are some of the worst allergens that spring can bring, and they’ll dramatically reduce the air quality in your home.

Dust Return Vents and RegistersStop allergies

HVAC maintenance consists of many different tasks. To prepare your home for spring allergens, you need to have your return vents and registers dusted. Most homeowners dust their homes regularly, but they forget to dust the return vents and registers.

Since the return vents are responsible for circulating air from the HVAC system, they can send a lot of dust into the home. The vents in every room should be dusted and wiped down. We can come to your home and make sure every component of your HVAC system is dusted.

For seasonal allergy sufferers, dust is almost always the major cause of breathing problem. Dust mites can find their way into the vents, so when the machine activates, it blows them into the air and circulates dust mites around your home.

Schedule an Appointment

If you’re trying to prepare your Mobile, AL home for spring allergens, it’s important to schedule an appointment before spring arrives. However, it’s better late than never.

To make sure your HVAC machine is running as efficiently as possible, you can schedule an appointment with us and let us come inspect your system.

Since your HVAC system is the best weapon you have against troublesome spring allergens, don’t hesitate to let us make sure it’s running optimally. You can improve indoor air quality and breathe easier.

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