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If you are contemplating selling your house (even down the road) there are certain tasks, repairs, and renovations that you may want to bump up to the top of your list. This is because some home improvements will help to increase the value of your home. Here are five tips on how to do just that.

  1. Add Hi-Tech Appliances: More and more homebuyers value energy-efficient options in their homes. Programmable thermostats, zone heating and cooling, high-efficiency HVAC systems, alternate energy sources (i.e. solar panels), efficient lighting, tankless water heaters, and home automation are just a few ways to make your home more hi-tech and operationally efficient.
  2. Create Space: Even if your home has lots of square footage, nothing can create a sense of limited space like clutter. Reclaim your physical space by purging unwanted or old items. Once you’ve got space back, get to work on storage solutions. Invest in organizational decor and shelving. Custom built-ins not only create the sensation of space but also create nice architectural touches in your home. Pay particular attention to closets, entryways (front hall and mudrooms). When trying to create space, don’t forget about your garage, which is often a storage spot. It’s extra square footage in your home, so if you can make it useful with storage solutions, even better.
  3. Clean Up Your Yard: You’ve heard that you only have one chance to make a first impression. That’s why you always need to be mindful of the impact that curb appeal has on the mind of prospective buyers. Make sure that trees and bushes are tidy, and that grass and gardens are well cared for. Make sure that walkways are clear and that your home’s exterior is well-lit. One of the key players in curb appeal is an attractive front door. It may seem like a small step, but that is something that will help you get a good return on your investment.
  4. Update the Bathrooms: Bathrooms are high-traffic areas. As such, they are one area that shows wear and tear most quickly. Similarly, a bathroom’s decor will appear dated more quickly than in some other areas of your home. You can easily create a luxurious bath by installing a deep soaker tub, contemporary cool flooring and tile, a pedestal sink, and sleek fixtures. If you are looking for something a little more budget-friendly, think smaller, like replacing frosted glass shower doors with clean ones, cleaning and refreshing tile grout, putting in a new toilet seat, and replacing dated fixtures with modern ones. Little things can make a big difference.
  5. New Coat of Paint: Probably the easiest and most budget-friendly way to refresh your space and ultimately create value in your home is to slap on a new coat of paint. Fresh paint will make a room appear cleaner and more stylish. As a rule of thumb, stick with a neutral color palette. You can increase the value of your home by making it broadly appealing to future buyers, which means you need to stay middle-of-the-road, color-wise.

Are you thinking about selling your home, or simply are looking for ways to improve your living space? We’ve got proven expertise to help in Mobile, AL, especially if you looking to upgrade your comfort systems. Call Hembree Heating & Air Conditioning today at (251) 259-4664.

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