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When the summer heat is blasting down, your AC is working overtime to keep your home fresh and comfy. The added strain on your unit may cause the breakdown of many components wired together inside, resulting in less than stellar results or destruction of the unit when you only want to stay cool. Luckily there are ten ways that you can ensure that your air conditioning unit doesn’t succumb to hot temperatures. If your AC does break down, our team is ready to help with expert repairs or quality replacements.

The one and only way to keep your air conditioner working at its best are to take care of the unit. Here are ten ways to maintain your unit to ensure breakdown doesn’t occur.

  1. Change the Air Filter Each Month: Changing the air filter in your AC unit is a DIY task that takes a matter of minutes, and, at the most, costs you $40 and an hour of your time. Replacing the filter monthly ensures that your HVAC unit isn’t pushing harder (resulting in additional wear and tear) to provide the same amount of heat or air, but it also reduces allergens in the home! According to the Department of Energy, consumers that change their filters on a monthly basis reduce energy consumption by as much as 15%!
  2. Bi-Annual Inspection: Preventative maintenance on your HVAC unit is a smart idea. This low-cost service can be done by a trained professional twice per year (once before winter, once before summer,) evaluating your unit and discovering any potential damage needing repair. The sooner that damage is found and fixed, the less havoc on your unit and the less money needed to resolve the problem.
  3. Clean the Coils: The coils inside of the condenser can quickly become dirty both inside and outside of the unit. It is imperative that dirt, leaves, and other debris be removed from the coils regularly to maintain top-notch efficiency.
  4. Clean Outside the Air Conditioning Unit: Giving your air conditioning unit space to breathe prevents problems with the condenser and other parts of the unit. Ensure that grass and weeds are cut and removed on a regular basis.
  5. Add a Programmable Thermostat: If you don’t already use a programmable thermostat, consider upgrading today. A programmable thermostat enables you the chance to set the temperature at your home when you are home and away, allowing adjustments which keep your energy costs efficient.
  6. Don't Leave It Running 24/7: If you’re turning the air off when you leave in hopes of saving your unit or energy costs, you may be doing more harm than good. If your home heats up for 8 hours while you’re at work, not only will it be uncomfortable when you come back, but it’ll also cause more strain on the A/C unit to cool the house down.
  7. Prevent Blockage: Ensure that nothing is standing in the way of your HVAC unit and the outside opening. Any form of blockage causes the air that is blowing out to reverse back into the unit. It can also cause trouble for the condenser.
  8. Know the Signs: Loud knocking, leaks around the unit, and insufficient cooling are just a few of the signs that indicate there is a problem. Know the signs and when to call a professional to prolong the life of your unit and keep it running all summer efficiently long.
  9. Watch for Water Leaks: Leaking water is dangerous for both your safety as well as that of the unit. Be on the lookout regularly for water leaks. You’ll notice them by standing water and water build-up.
  10. Duct Insulation: Insulating the ducts is a smart idea that can reduce energy loss by as much as 40%. If your ducts are not insulated already, speak to a professional and schedule service sooner rather than later.

If you want to ensure further that your air conditioning unit is ready to battle the summer heat and come out with a KO, give us a call today at (251) 259-4664 to speak to one of Mobile’s finest home comfort experts at Hembree Heating & Air Conditioning.

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